Brownie Biscotti Recipe Review

This is actually a recipe stolen from AllRecipes.  You can find all of the instructions here.  This post is more a review and my notes about the recipe.


My overall impression was that this was an incredibly easy recipe.  I was also pleased that it uses pretty common ingredients.  Many other biscotti recipes call for anise extract and/or almond extract.  As I’m not a huge baker, I tend not to have these sitting in my cupboard.

The Tricky Bits:

I was a bit confused about servings and how many this recipe should yield.  The original states that it makes 30 servings, but from the result that I got I would say these would have to be extremely tiny pieces.  I was able to cut 10 pieces according to the instructions to make 1-inch slices.  The recipe does provide instructions to make two loaves of a specific size.  I was pretty sure I had what they specified, which produced only one loaf and still, only 10 slices.  I very well could have been off, I was more concerned with making a loaf that would yield the biscotti shapes that I am familiar with.

One thing that I do wish had been more clear was regarding firmness.  The first baking of the biscotti (for those who don’t know, it is literally baked twice) the instructions state to bake until firm.  I baked according to what I thought was firm, but given my lack of baking experience I wasn’t quite sure.  After the loaf cooled for 30-minutes, it was clear that it wasn’t firm enough.  Although the outside was crisp the centre appear more like a brownie or dense cake.

Luckily they get baked twice, so I carefully allowed the to stay in the oven a bit longer in order to try and bring out more moisture.  The only danger to this is that the edges will burn.  Typically you wouldn’t flip the biscotti, but I noticed my edges getting a bit dark and flipped them in order to avoid burning.  In the end I waited until the brownie texture I had noticed earlier appeared more like the crisp, dry biscotti I am used to.

Other Reviews:

One of the complaints from the online reviews is that they are not sweet enough or chocolate-y enough.  Keep in mind that this is biscotti, not a brownie or a cookie.  They are meant to be dry, they aren’t meant to be overly sweet and I found the chocolate flavour to be just perfect considering that they are meant to be dipped in coffee.  Do you want coffee with biscotti or café mocha?

Overall Impression:

All in all, I recommend this recipe for those who want to make something that is a little bit fancy.  The downside is that it does take quite a while, close to 2 hours from start until you remove them from the oven, then of course you need to wait for them to cool before you package them up.

This recipe definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

P1030190 P1030189 P1030188


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